Thought Catalog Post

Check out these articles I wrote for Thought Catalog: “5 Things I Dislike About Social Media”  “10 Signs It’s Time To Move To A New City” Hope you enjoy 🙂

‘Art Of Design’ by EFFEN® Vodka

EFFEN® Vodka has re-introduced itself to the world by re-introducing themselves to bloggers & social media personalities in NYC. Last night, they held an event called “Art of Design” at the Empire Hotel rooftop bar and it exceeded all expectations! Now, we all know that I’m a vodka person and I pretty much can drink … Continue reading

Art, Culture, and Technology Meet Up

So tonight, I went to an event I found out about through a very useful website called  A friend of mine told me about this great group on there called the “Art, Culture, & Technology” group.  Their event tonight was a panel discussion on Social Media and how artist can use it to their … Continue reading