Restaurant/Bar Chronicles: Joe’s Bar

Last night, I went to the grand opening of “Joe’s Bar”; the newest bar to open on Amsterdam Ave in Upper Westside.  If you ever been to Amsterdam Ave, then you know there are plenty of bar/restaurants in a 10 block radius (between the 70s and high 80s).  Joe’s Bar is in the center of … Continue reading

Special Screening of ‘Dead Man Down’

Last night, I went to the premier party of, “Dead Man Down”, a movie directed by Neils Arden Oplev and starring Colin Farrell, Terrance Howard and Noomi Rapace, at the Bryant Park Hotel Screening Room. The premier was followed up by a Q & A with Terrance Howard facilitated by Jas Fly, a writer who is … Continue reading

Restaurant Review – B. Smith

Restaurant Exterior

Model, author & TV host B. Smith opened her first restaurant in NYC in 1986 (a great year). The restaurant has survived over 25 years in New York; doesn’t that count as a landmark or something? Located in Hell’s Kitchen, blocks away from the Theatre District, this restaurant has become a favorite for Broadway regulars; … Continue reading

Our Top Vintage Stores

Okay now I know some of you might turn your nose to vintage (or thrift or consignment) shopping (whatever you prefer to call it), but it is the wave of the future.  I love mixing high fashion pieces with something vintage; it gives everything a personal touch and you are less likely to see someone … Continue reading

Introducing “Dream Chasers”

Hello readers, So in my journey of becoming whatever I came here to become, I have meet a lot of interesting people!  People who have moved to NYC in search of a dream, some had a clear vision of this dream and others (like me) dreams were still blurry, but knew NYC was a part … Continue reading