Sunday Funday!

So today, I totally had a Sunday Finest *valley girl voice*! It started off with brunch, at a dragtastic place called LIPS in Midtown.  This was like no other brunch I ever been to.  For one it is a show, they mimic famous broadway shows and also joke with the people in the audience.  For … Continue reading

My “Wreckless Wednesdays” Ending

After the fabulous Colorbars event, I headed a couple of blocks up to The $3 Tavern  for  a comedy show hosted by a friend, Aminah Imani, called “Wreckless Wednesday”.  Let me tell you this had to be one of the best comedy shows I’ve ever been to.  I am not normally a fan of comedy … Continue reading

Friday Night Viben

So after work on Friday, I had a very busy/fun afternoon!  Lets just start off by saying how hectic this week was!  I have been ripping and running since I got back from DC on Sunday, as you can see I am just posting about my Friday night on Sunday morning!  But never-the-less Friday was … Continue reading


So today after work something EXTREMELY EMBARRASSING happen to me!  I had to run by the post office to mail a letter.  While buying a stamp I suddenly got the urge to pee, and for some reason sober or drunk I can not hold my bladder at all.  So after the machine took 30 YEARS … Continue reading