Massive Pillow Fight NYC

So yesterday, I went to something that really brought out my INNER CHILD!  A HUGE pillow fight in Washington Square Park!  About 500 people came out to beat-up each other with pillows.  From children to elders, everyone was out having fun and laughing.  If you ever needed a time to take your anger out on … Continue reading

iBumpnGrind Brunch

On Sunday, I did my normal routine and went to ……… BRUNCH!!!! I decide to go to a brunch thrown by someone a friend of mine knows, instead of going to a restaurant.  I heard DJ Commish would be spinning, and since I like his style I decide to check it out … So where … Continue reading

S.O.T.W. “We Are Young” by Fun. ft Janelle Monae

  This week’s S.O.T.W. goes to Fun.‘s “We Are Young” ft Janelle Monae! I don’t know why but this song has been in my head ALL DAY, so I took it as a sign 😀 …  This song is just so FUN!  Below is the Glee version of the song, which is also pretty darn … Continue reading