S.O.T.W. “Special Delivery” by Bridget Kelly

I am back 🙂 … Did you miss me??? Sorry I have been slipping, but since I left for Cali my life has been a whirl-wind!   Cali was so much fun, I went to LA and The Bay Area,  I got to see so many friends and hang out with my family (always a great … Continue reading

Freestyle Mondays… GO HARD or GO HOME!!!!

So this past Monday, a friend invited me to a bar in West Village that host a freestyle battles every Monday.  I was 100% stoked when he told me.  Since New York has produced some of the finest MC’s that has ever graced the mic, I knew I was in for a treat.  I was … Continue reading

Friday Night Viben

So after work on Friday, I had a very busy/fun afternoon!  Lets just start off by saying how hectic this week was!  I have been ripping and running since I got back from DC on Sunday, as you can see I am just posting about my Friday night on Sunday morning!  But never-the-less Friday was … Continue reading