Small break & S.O.T.W.

Hey everyone, sorry I didn’t post yesterday :-(!  Something happen to me on Cinco De Mayo and it really had me shaken up!  To sum it up, my bag with my SLR camera, Ipod Touch, and Kindle was taken and I now have to replace all those expensive items!  I am going to take maybe … Continue reading

S.O.T.W. = Funny Youtube Videos

So this week’s SONG OF THE WEEK is not a song at all. more like LAUGH OF THE WEEK!!!!  So if you want a good laugh anytime this week PLEASE PLEASE WATCH THESE TWO VIDEOS, YOU WILL DIE LAUGHING: DON’T FORGET TO FOLLOW @FROMLATONYC

Massive Pillow Fight NYC

So yesterday, I went to something that really brought out my INNER CHILD!  A HUGE pillow fight in Washington Square Park!  About 500 people came out to beat-up each other with pillows.  From children to elders, everyone was out having fun and laughing.  If you ever needed a time to take your anger out on … Continue reading


So today after work something EXTREMELY EMBARRASSING happen to me!  I had to run by the post office to mail a letter.  While buying a stamp I suddenly got the urge to pee, and for some reason sober or drunk I can not hold my bladder at all.  So after the machine took 30 YEARS … Continue reading