Samsung Galaxy Note II World Tour w/ Kanye West

After the EKOCYCLE™ EVENT, I walked  down a couple of blocks to the Samsung Galaxy Note II World Tour.  This event was HUGE!  When I walked up the line was ridiculous, I almost turned around and left until I saw a friend at the front of the line!  I mean with Kanye performing why wouldn’t … Continue reading

Courvoisier Gold Celebrates Gabrielle Union’s Birthday

Pass the Courvoisier…. That’s what about 200  people including myself, were saying last night, while celebrating the beautiful Gabrielle Union’s birthday!  With Courvoisier Gold providing drinks, food by Chef Robles, & a lot of star power in the building; this was definitely a fabulous evening. The party was filled with industry people and was more … Continue reading

G-Shock 30th Bday Party

So last night there were a million things going on.  I decided to first go to a G-Shock press conference at the Manhattan Center, but I never left once I realized there was an after party!  It was worth the stay and I had a blast! G-Shock, owned by Casio, turns 30 on 2013 and … Continue reading

DeWeezy Series Premier Party

Last night I was in attendance for the Deweezy webisode premier party, hosted by the Glu Agency.  It was held at Greenhouse. Last time I was there, Chris Brown and Drake decided to have a bottle juggling match at the basement club WIP, so I was kind of nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect … Continue reading

Red Hook Summer Premier Party

So last night was the premier party of Spike Lee’s new movie “Red Hook Summer” in Harlem.  I was not able to attend, but a friend went and sent me some great photos.  This seemed to have been a great event and I wish I would have been able to attend (it was my friends … Continue reading