“Amy” The Movie

2015-07-14 03.22.19 2

Last week, I went to see the documentary about Amy Winehouse simply titled “Amy”.  Can I just say it was SO GOOD!!!  The documentary is told from her perspective and the perspective of closes friends/family around her (her childhood friends, family, managers, producers, and ex-boyfriend).  Her story was a beautifully broken story.  If you were a super fan or even if you just enjoyed her music, I am sure you will love the documentary.  We all know how her life ended, but just hearing what she went through during her 27 yrs here, you will understand her a lot more.

I highly suggest everyone sees it.  You might not of have liked or been familiar with Amy, but we all know someone who has dealt with demons and depression.  Her story explores these subjects and lets you see where she and others in her life went wrong.  It also gives you a behind of the scenes of how she created her music and what she went through as an artist to give us some classic hits. Be prepared to want to run home and just zone out to her music.  The movie is playing in limited theaters, so check out the website to see listings: www.amy-movie.com/

Please let me know what you think! 🙂

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