Munitio Headphones Event


With the new year just starting, I am already looking into new technology to help me make this year great *looks down at my phone with broken screen*.  With that me being said, earlier this week I went to an announcement party for the headphone brand Munitio newest product.  Now I had never heard of the headphone company before this, but that is no shocker since I am not big into headphones.  I am definitely the cheap earbuds person (probably because I lose or break them every month).

I have always heard once you go professional you will not go back!  I have played with Beats & Bose headphones, but I have never really sat with them for more than a couple of minutes.  Last summer, I decided to get fancy and brought some high quality earbuds (off Groupon of course), to see if I could tell the difference.  I broke them three months later, and I have been chasing to get back that crisp clear sound ever since.  It is very true, when you listen to your music on premium headphones, the experience is 10x better!  This is why I was excited about this event.

Munitio, which has been around since 2010, currently has two head phones out; their earbuds which are called the “Nines” and their professional headset called the “Pro40”.  I got to test out both and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed both!  For the past couple of days, I have been actually using the Pro40 and I believe I found the sound I was missing.  The other day, I literally zoned out listening to music on them and it was great!  They are both higher end headphones, with higher end prices (the Nines start at $179 & the Pro40 start at $349).

Munitio 2

At the event, the owner and founder of the company David  Massaro spoke about Munitio’s newest headset, the Pro30, a Bluetooth headset that is due out the end of the year.  Munitio is doing something cool with the launch of these headphones.  They are doing Kickstarter campaign (launching 2/6 I believe) to get the interest rolling for the Pro30 headphones.  If you donate to the Kickstarter, you actually get the new Pro30 before they are released to the public (I am sure there will be a minimum donation).  Once I get more info, I will be sure to post it.

Though my Pro40 headphones are extremely comfortable, even when I wore them to the gym they didn’t make my ears sweat or keep sliding off. I am still not sure if I will be trekking around the city with them, I personally still prefer to use ear-buds while doing day-to-day activities.  Now while I am traveling or when I just want to zone out at home, these will be my headphones of choice.  They are beyond comfortable, stylish, ultra-clear/crisp sound, and overall a great headphone.  Don’t believe me, check out this review video (below) I found.  I know this is an investment piece, but if you are a music lover then these are an investment worth making! You can find more info about Munitio by visiting their website –

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