Ardbeg Whisky Exploration

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Ardbeg a Scottish Whisky company, held a launch party for their new Supernova 2014 whisky at the Intrepid Sea, Air  & Space Museum.  Now I will not lie, I have never heard of this particular Whisky brand (you know I am more of a Jameson person), so when I saw the invite I thought this should be interesting.  Upon doing some research I found that this was more of a higher end brand, you know the kind you sit in your library or office and sip slow read or smoke a good cigar!

After first sip I knew I was right!  This Whisky isn’t for someone without a strong palette.  I first had the “Ten Year” and after first sip I knew I had to drink with caution!  It was smooth, but I could tell it was a grown person drink and I felt like I was 10 years old!  I then went to try the “Corryvreckan” (don’t ask me how to pronounce).  Since I am not really a whisky drinker, I could not tell the big difference, but I personally did prefer the Corryvreckan.  It was just an overall  smoother and less harsher experience for me.

After tasting a couple, the presentation started.  Dr. Bill Lumsden, spoke about very limited edition 2014 edition of Supernova line of Ardbeg Whisky.  Another highlight of the evening was when Lumsden received back special vials of Ardbeg spirit that was sent to space in 2011.  The vials have been orbiting earth for the past three years and are now home for Lumsden and his team to create what is hoped to be a stellar line of whisky (this explains the event location).

Over all I had fun and enjoyed the night of whisky exploration.  I left wondering, what will this alcohol from space taste like?  Wonder if I will ever find out?? Cheers!!!

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