Taste Talk: All Star BBQ

This weekend, Williamsburg was taken over by Taste Talk: Food & Drink festival.  Taste Talk had events all weekend and I was able to attend Sunday events!

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First, I went to the “Future Food: Expo” which was in a warehouse in Williamsburg.  The Expo had a lot of vendors that are adding something special to the culinary industry.  Some of the normal websites/apps like Yelp, Keurig, and Opentable (which now let’s you pay your dining bill from the app) were there.  Here are some of the new sites/apps I found cool, that I had never heard of before:

  • Poached (http://poachedjobs.com) – a website that is a job board for people who are looking to get into the food and drink industry. It currently has listing in 12 major cities (including NY, LA, DC, SF, & CHI).  From management to barista to bar roles, if it is in the food/drink industry they have it!
  • SideChef (http://www.sidechef.com) – a fun new app (available in the App Store now, on Google Play in Nov), that gives you step by step cooking directions. With over 1,000 recipes (and counting), SideChef is the new way to cook!  It is great, because it will generate a shopping list for you, of everything you need to cook a certain recipe.  Once you have everything you need and are ready to make your dishes, you can set up the app and it will show you step by step directions with visuals!  The best part is you can talk to the app, so you don’t have to worry about wiping off your hands to swipe to the next direction and the app will read the directions to you.  This will make your cooking experience seem easy and seamless.  I definitely have downloaded the app already, and suggest you do to!!
  • Drizly (https://drizly.com) – Say hello to the Seamless for Alcohol!!!!! To all my fellow drinkers, this is an app you need!! No more going to the liquor store, Drizly allows you to order bottles of alcohol and have them delivered to your door in 40 mins.  You can now order your alcohol bottles when you leave work and by the time you are walking in your door, you will have someone ringing your bell with your boozes for the night!  How cool is that??
  • Picnicked (http://www.getpicnicked.com) – Is a monthly delivery service that will set you up with everything you need to have the perfect picnic. From food to games to blankets, they send you everything!!  So if you are the type of person who likes to grab some friends and sit in the park and catch up over snacks and games, this is definitely for you!  If only I knew about this site in May, I could of took advantage of it over the summer!

After the Expo, I headed down a couple of blocks to the All American BBQ competition that Taste Talk put on!  The chefs all had different specialties and all made some VERY interesting dishes.  I got to try duck heart, lamb tongue, and eel; lets’ just say I was very adventurous this day.  Here is the official menu (http://taste-talks.com/all-star-bbq/):

  • DANNY BOWIEN |Mission Chinese & Mission Cantina &
    JAMIE BISSONNETTE | Chef/Owner of Coppa (Boston), and Toro (Boston and New York)
  • DANNY BOWIEN |Mission Chinese & Mission Cantina &
    INAKI AIZPITARTE | Le Chateaubriand (Paris) and Le Dauphin (Paris)
  • ACTION BRONSON | Musician & MICHAEL WHITE | Osteria Morini
    PORCHETTA “KRA PROW” TIGELLE | Thai spiced “Porchetta Kra Prow”, crispy watercress, tigelle
  • MATT RUDOFKER | Ssam Bar
    GRILLED BLUE WHALE OYSTER | shaoxing, brown butter, ramps
  • ANDY RICKER | Pok Pok
    BOAR COLLAR MEAT | rubbed with garlic, coriander root and black pepper, glazed with soy and sugar,
    grilled over charcoal and served with chilled mustard greens and a spicy chili/lime/garlic sauce
  • BROOKS HEADLEY | Del Posto
  • IVAN ORKIN | Ivan Ramen
    GRILLED DUCK HEARTS | with a summer corn XO sauce
  • MAX SUSSMAN | The Cleveland & ELI SUSSMAN | Mile End
    GRILLED CHICKEN KEBAB | with Szechuan pepper zhug on flatbread
  • DAVID SANTOS | Louro & JONATHAN WU | Fung Tu
    PIG HEAD SALAD | with green mango,cabbage, cilantro, mint, maLa vinaigrette and fish powder
  • ROB NEWTON | Wilma Jean and Nightingale 9 & OLIVER STRAND | New York Times
    BARBECUE DUCK | with sorghum, ginger and five-spice flat bread
  • WILL HOROWITZ | Ducks Eatery 
    SMOKED CHAR SUI LONG ISLAND EEL | fermented corn, sassafras root & crab roe creme
  • DANIEL DELANEY | Delaney BBQ – BrisketTown
  • JOSH RUSS TUPPER & NIKI RUSS FEDERMAN | Russ & Daughters and Russ & Daughters Cafe
    GRILLED CINNAMON BABKA I with Granny Smith ‎apple cream cheese icing and crushed honey-roasted pecans
  • NATE SMITH| | Allswell & LEE TIERNAN | Black Axe Mangal
    Charred Lamb Tongue & Deep-fried Anchovy

My favorite by far was the Boar Collar Meat by Andy Ricker & the BBQ Duck by Rob Newton!!

Overall the event was great!!  A lot of eating and sampling, in other words I will be eating nothing but salads this week and going to gym!! Thanks Taste Talk for the great weekend and extra calories!!!!


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