Cutty Sark: Prohibition Launch Party

Well it is finally starting to warm up in NYC after what feels like a YEAR of cold weather.  I am sure Netflix and Redbox made A LOT of money during this winter season here on the East Coast.  Since Spring is officially here and Spring weather is finally starting to catch up with the season, I decided it is time to start exploring the city again!  Last night, Cutty Sark (a whiskey brand) held a huge release party for their new 100 proof whiskey called “Cutty Sark: Prohibition”.


The Prohibition edition is a very STRONG whiskey, but with the right mixes and garnishes it makes a good drink!  It was very smooth, which can be dangerous since it is 100 proof (after a night of drinking this you might wake up in an awkward situation).  The only whiskey I ever really drink is Jameson and occasionally Jack (I do love a good whiskey-ginger), but now that I know there is a 100 proof whiskey, I might be adding Cutty to my list.

The overall event was real good!  The event was held at the Brooklyn Night Basaar in Williamsburg (a pretty dope venue).  It featured free food from Crif Dogs (yum) and some pizza place, drinks of course by Cutty, live boxing matches, an art gallery by Tod Seelie, and a performance by Blood Orange.  Tod Seelie pictures were really dope, most were of different landscape shots throughout the city.  I would love to have one of his pictures in my place.  Blood Orange hit the stage at the end of the night, I never heard of the group, but it’s lead by Dev Hynes, who I have heard of.  Dev is one of the main producers of Solange’s “True” EP.  You can definitely hear how they influence each other in their music.  They are both running with the sound they created and I am loving it!

The event was a good way to enter into spring and a great way to launch an alcohol brand! Drinks, live music, food, and boxing… What more could a whiskey drinker need??? I had fun, as I am always down to learn about and taste a new alcohol!

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