Restaurant/Bar Chronicles: The Pullman Kitchen

Last Friday, I was asked by some colleagues to go out to lunch and of course I said yes! I will never turn down food and it was a bonus to have them as company. They suggested this place in Midtown East called “The Pullman Kitchen”. Now usually I am quick to yelp a restaurant before saying yes, but I was busy and one of the colleagues is a good friend and foodie like me, so I just said yes without even researching. When I got into the place, I immediately notice the ambience was very different from other Midtown East restaurants. This restaurant had more of a cozy feel, felt homely, it almost reminded me of a restaurant you would fine in trendy parts of Brooklyn. The menu was simple (all of the main courses were sandwiches), water came in mason jars, staff seemed laid back; I could tell I was in for a good relaxing time, I was just hoping the food was good. I went in with no expectations and left extremely satisfied (so much I am doing a post)!!! NOTE: None of the pictures are mine, got them from Pullman Kitchen FB page, didn’t expect to be doing a post so I didn’t take pictures :-/.

Location: 959 Second Ave (between 50th and 51st)
Type of Food: American/Southern/Comfort
Price Range: $$ of 5
Atmosphere: ♦ of 5
What we had:
Food: Breakfast Burrito, Chicken & Waffles, The Oxtail, & Low Country Picnic appetizer (consisting of Fried Green Tomatoes, Pimento Cheese Dip, Pickled Okra, & Cornbread)
Drinks: Just water and tea 🙂
What I want to try: Sunday Supper & The Lobsterman


This restaurant is a real gem in Midtown East. With such a simple menu anyone can come here and find something they like. They have healthy options like their “An Apple A Day ($11.95)” sandwich which consist of NY State apple, old chatham camembert, baby arugula, honey mustard, multi-grain pullman bread to not so health but very comforting like their “The Grilled Beast of Midtown East ($25)” which is a HUGE sandwich that has fried chicken, bacon, ham with melted pepperjack, cheddar and muenster cheese, kale, tomatoes, spicy cherry peppers, and two cornbread waffles on two pieces of grilled sourdough (don’t try it at home).

For starters, we got the Low Country Picnic ($9.95) everything on the wooden plate was delicious, I especially liked the pimento cheese dip (first time having) and cornbread. I personally played it safe (kind of regret it) and got the Breakfast Burrito ($8.95; homemade chorizo, potatoes, eggs, queso oaxaca, avocado, house pickled jalapeño, salsa ranchero) with the waffle fries. It was okay, being from California all NY Mexican food is just okay, nothing to run home about but did not disappoint at all. Of course, I tried everyone else’s food and it made me envious because their choices were one of a kind type of deliciousness. First was the Chicken & Waffles ($12.95; buttermilk fried chicken & pepperjack cheese between two cornbread waffles with maple syrup on the side), talk about mouth-gasm. This was greatness in its prime. I’ve had chicken and waffles before, but never in a sandwich form and I don’t know if I could ever have it any other way now. I was worried about the cheese with the chicken & waffle, but everything together tasted like heaven! My other friend had The Oxtail ($14.95; beer braised oxtail, homemade bourbon bread & butter pickles, chipotle ketchup, horseradish cheddar on sourdough bread). This sandwich was comfort food at its best. The oxtails were so delicious by themselves, but add the other ingredients and you have a perfect pairing. All sandwiches came with either Fingerling potatoes or waffle fries, which were both equally good.

All portions were just right, not to big, but big enough to keep you full and fulfilled. The waitress told us that their shakes are wonderful so next time I will definitely try them (they have alcoholic shakes also). I also want to try their Sweet Po’Tater Tots & Sweet Potato Pancakes. I will definitely be back for more of their greatness! If you go let me know what you think of it. 🙂

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