Urbanears’ “Humlan” Launch

Last night, I went to a launch party for a new product made by Sweden based headphone brand, Urbanears.  The brand that has made a name for itself in the headphone industry, just released their newest line of headphones called “Humlan”.  Already known for their earbuds and headsets, the Humlan is a headset that will surely stand out from competition.

Urbanears Humlan

The Humlan is the first (that I know of) headset with a washable headband and ear cushions.  Yes, you can detach both from the headset and throw them into the washer!  So dope!  On top of that, the headset still has all of the cool features that a lot of the other Urbanear headsets have; like a microphone and remote for hands-free calling and controlling music, their “Zound Plug” (which allows user friends to plug their headphones into the Urbanear headphones so you can listen to the same thing, SO COOL), cloth wires (which causes less tangles), and of course a great quality sound.  I personally am not the biggest fan of headsets, unless you are a big traveling; I just feel they are big, hard to store, and get in the way of things.  But, after trying these out, I am kind of intrigued.  The sound quality is great and I love the feature of being able to let your friend listen to what you are listening to, without having to unplug your headphones or sharing earbuds!  I will definitely be putting up my earbuds for a while, to see if I could get use to the headsets.

The party was fun!  Since the headphones are machine-washable they had it at the Eco Company Laundry Company in Chelsea; I’ve never been to a party at a laundry-mate.  DJ Jasmine Solano also was spinning.  Urbanears has a lot of great unique products, that are modernizing the headphone industry (see their products here www.urbanears.com/headphones).  I think the best part is they have them for a reasonable price, if you are not a DJ or musician I don’t see a reason to spend $150 and over on headphones.  Their highest headphone cost $99 and the Humlan run for $49.  The company also gives a lot back to the community, like right now 10% of any purchase goes towards disaster relief for the Philippines.

I would highly suggest you check out these headphones.  They are really dope!  Don’t believe me check out this cool video below!

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