Converse CONS HO13 Launch Event


Last night, I went to the Launch party for Converse CONS HO13 at the Converse Rubber Tracks in Williamsburg.  The event was a re-launch  to Converse “lifestyle sneaker collection”, Converse Cons (more details here  The party had drinks sponsored by Heineken and that good ole Tito’s Vodka.  DJ Wonder spinned and the warehouse venue was full of the typical BK crowd (hip-hopers, fashion ppl, and hipsters).

The interest part of the night had to be the performers.  The first group “Ratking”, is a hip-hop duo that I will never be checking for again.  I was just not into their music at all, it was all over the place and was giving me a headache.  They seem to keep an audience, but I just couldn’t take them.  They had me wanting to see Trinidad James and boy was that a mistake.  I know all of two songs by Trinidad (both I genuinely like) and I know he gets the crowd hype with his energetic performances, so I was kind of looking forward to seeing him hit the stage.  Too bad he got on stage and fooled everyone.  He had a 30-min set and ranted for a good 25 of those minutes and did a versus from like 5 songs for the other 5 minutes.  I mean he was ranting about everything from the current state of hip-hop (dissing NY hip-hop scene) TO the music industry TO his haters TO how people perceive him TO how he is not the best rapper but still selling and ON and ON and ON.  He had the audience yelling (including me) shut up and perform!  This was not the appropriate outlet for him to do all that ranting, get a blog or do a documentary!  He was 2x as bad as Kanye, and at least Kanye has the resume to do these kind of rants, him on the other hand is still trying to get a 2nd hit! See some of the rant below!


This is definitely what happens when an audience gas someone up who don’t deserve to be gassed up.  I think he finally realized that people liked him not for his talent, but because they wanted to laugh at him (which he made us do last night), and that most people don’t believe he is talented.  Let’s be real, people are still putting him on their songs because he had a HUGE single and signed a HUGE record deal, not because they think he is a dope lyricist.  But, he is still making money and he did do what he was hired to do, entertain us (but again by us laughing at him, not by his talent).

Never-the-less the shoes were dope!   Wonder if they will actual sell??  I am not a sneaker person, but I will always keep me a couple of pairs of the original chucks in my closet (those shoes are classics).  Overall, it was good time!

Him dissing NY:

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