Nylon x Aloft


CMJ Week is back and I decided to step out to an event.   Nylon x Aloft Hotel had a CMJ celebration party, held at the Brooklyn Aloft boutique hotel.  Nylon magazine always brings out a good crowd and the Aloft hotel is the perfect place to host a great crowd.  Along with fashionable people and a great location, Nylon treated party goers to an open Peligroso Tequila bar, a DJ set by Habibi, a table full of yummy sweets, and a performance by 2013’s Project Aloft Star contest winner indie group “My Body”.

My Body is an indie duo from Portland that consist of a guy and girl.  They kind of remind me of the new “it” duo in the UK, AlunaGeorge.  Very dreamy, calming, and relaxing but still edgy and unique music.  They performed a couple of their songs for the trendy audience (see video below for one song) and also mingled with the crowd before and after their performance.

I had a great time!  I’ve been so focus on other aspects of my life (might have some big news soon), that I kind of pushed blogging to the back ground.  But, I can tell you that I am definitely getting back to it, so make sure you sign up (box on right), follow me on twitter, and like the FB page –> :-).  Until next event, keep drinking!!!

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