Taste Talks “All-Star Cookout”


So with the end of summer around the corner, I guess I can say good bye to rooftop parties, poolside-chillin, eating outside, and most outdoor festivals.  But before I give my final farewells, I got the chance to go to one last festival and it was geared to all my foodies!  Northside Media Group and Amstel Light presented the “All-Star Cookout” put on by Taste Talks: Food & Drink.  The annual two day conference that is held in Brooklyn, this year at the East River Park in Williamsburg (a park with a gorgeous view of the city).  With sponsors like The Wall Street Journal, Esquire Network, and Enterprise you know this cookout brought some of the finest dishes.  I had the chance to go on Sunday and sample all the foods!


The menu (below) included creations from chefs all over the city.  From popular restaurants like Dinosaur BBQ and Hill Country to smaller restaurants like Bedford Post In and Rucola.  They also had Wine of South Africa sampling (my favorite red and white was called “Man”, which you can pick up in some wine shops in BK and the city), S. Pellegrino, StrongBow (a “hard cider” which is basically a fermented apple cider, YUMMY), and of course Amstel Light.  Van Leeuwen was also there serving their famous ice cream in fresh mint and sweet corn flavors.  Here is the full menu list:

  • Kentucky mutton burgoo w/ corn bread by Chef Sean Rembold of “Reynards, Diner, Marlow & Sons” and Chris Bear of “Grizzly Bear”
  • Brown sugar & coffee-rubbed pulled pork shoulder sliders by Chef John Stage of “Dinosaur BBQ” and Jon Feldman of “Stumptown Coffee Roasters”
  • Mini ostrich burger w/ tomato, black cherry chutney, and watercress on South African “rooster brood” by Chef Hugo Uys of “Wines of South Africa”
  • Cue smoked bacon with Mast Brother mole and salsa verde by Chef Nicholas Kayser of “Fatty Cue” and Rick & Michael Mast of “Mast Brothers Chocolate”
  • Mediterranean inspired wood grilled yellow fin tuna collar by Chef Joe Pasqualetto of “Rucola” and Brian Leth of “Vinegar Hill House”
  • Rib eye with chimmichurri and chapa bread by Tom Mylan and Brent Young of “Meat Hook” and Chef Francis Mallmann
  • Chargrilled beef heart & preserved lemon relish on house bread by Chef April Bloomfield of “Spotted Pig” and Chef Nate Smith of “Allswell”
  • Grilled beef tongue with pearl couscous and matbucha by Chef Eli Sussman of “Mile End Deli” and Dave1 of “Chromeo”
  • Ancho & coriander-rubbed smoked chicken thigh skewer with yogurt, pickled onions & herbs by Chef Carolyn Bane of “Pies ‘N’ Thighs” and Chef Caroline Fidanza of “Saltie”
  • Smoked Texas beef tenderloin w/ summer corn succotash by Chef Jeremy McMillan of “Bedford Post In” and Chef Elizabeth Karmel of “Hill Country”
Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream & Strongbow

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream & Strongbow

Everything was soooooo YUMMY!!!!!!!!!  I can not choose a favorite, but I will say the beef tongue was WAY better than I expected.  I thought I wouldn’t like it, but to my surprise it was actually very good.  The smoked chicken skewer were also great, I love Mediterranean and it gave me just what I needed.  It was also my first time having Ostrich, which wasn’t bad at all,  I would not shy away from eating it again.  Of course I tried everything and left completely full!  So much wonderful and delicious meat, and to think I was thinking of going vegetarian SMH!

This was such a good way to end summer.  The weather was perfect, the view was perfect, and the food was perfect. I could not have asked for a better time on a Sunday.  I can not wait until next year, I wonder what they will be serving up???

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