Nolcha Fashion Week Presented by Rusk

NYFW is almost over and I am sure it is bittersweet moment for everyone: for the people involved, their lives go back to normal and for the people not involved, their newsfeed go back to normal.  But, there is still a good two or three days until it is over, then the ones over the pond.

Last night, I went to a compilation show put on by Rusk for their “Nolcha Fashion Week”.  They have been presenting different fashion events for the past couple of days including runway shows, brunches, fashion lounges, after-parties, and other networking event.  They are sponsored by Homanz, Biovea, DonQ Run, Smartwater, and Magnifico Giornata (a champagne brand that is extremely good; it infuses different flavors with the champagne like grapefruit and lavender honey). The show took place at Chelsea Piers and featured five designers.  The designers were Mariana Valentina, Leka, Lum, Studio 6th Sense, and Nina Athanasiou.  All of them were women’s wear and one line also had men’s wear.  Let me know what you think!!!

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