Cres. E Dim. S/S 14 Presentation

New York fashion week is back and of course all the fashionistas are running around like a chicken with their heads cut-off.  Such a busy week filled with work, shows, parties, and networking.  So glad I will be out of town, but I did not want to miss all of the action!  So I went to a presentation last night for Cres. E Dim. S/S 14 at X-tige showroom.  The Seoul based brand that started in 2007 by Hong Bum Kim.  Cres. E Dim. actually stands for the musical term Crescendo E Diminuendo.

The collection was very electric.  Lots of leather and futuristic designs (what is up with leather in the summer time?).  In my opinion a lot of the pieces were very versatile and can be worn for any occasion.  I don’t know the price point, so you will have to look it up.  Overall, I really enjoyed the presentation.  My favorite look was the black hat (I really want it)!

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