This Sunday is #HashtagLunchbag


So the last Sunday of each month, a group of motivated individuals come together to give back to the community.  #HashtagLunchbag started last December in Los Angeles (woot woot), by a group of friends who were looking for a way to feed the homeless during the holiday season.  After being turned down by a couple of shelters, because of to many volunteers, they decided to take matters into their own hands.  They decided to get together, prepare sandwichs, pack them in a brown lunch bag, put inspirational messages in them, and pass them out to the homeless in LA.  The whole time they did this, they documented it via social media using the hashtag – #HashtagLunchbag.  Since December, they have grown (a large part due to social media) nationally and have now started a huge movement!  They have now spread to New York, Atlanta, DC, Chicago, Toronto, San Diego, Vancouver, and Detroit.  All cities brings people together, to give back!

I was able to do the NY one in July and it was a great experience!  I have done plenty of community service in the past, but this one was very different.  I met some amazing people, all while giving back to NY.  The atmosphere is very welcoming and you can tell everyone was there because they wanted to be.  When my group walked around to give out our bags, you could really tell the receivers were very appreciative and surprise.  Just imagine if you were wondering how you were going to eat that day and a group of strangers came and handed you a bag of food with a smile.

I highly suggest you donate your time if you can.  You don’t have to sign up or know anyone, just show up ready to help; they do ask for a $10 donation to help with the food cost, since this is grassroot, I imagine everything comes out of the organizers pockets.  Check out their website for more info

Here is the information for the NY one:

Location:         The Madelyn: 82 W 3rd st, NY, NY 10012


10a – Food assembly

12a – Food Distribution

1p – 7p Brunch w/ a purpose (yes after all your hard work you have the option of indulging in a booze brunch WOOT WOOT)

Here is the information for the LA one:

Location:         The Parlor: 7250 Melrose Ave LA, CA 90046

Schedule:    same as above, just westcoast time!

Check the website for the other locations info!

I hope you can make it out & if your city doesn’t have one, you should start one!  Join the movement and spread the word (remember to use #HashtagLunchbag).

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