Hennessy x Os Gemeos event


Pier 57, in Chelsea, was taking over by Hennessy last night and boy did they throw a party.  The party was for the debut of their new limited edition bottle made by Brazilian twins Os Gemeos.  The brand new custom made bottle features their artwork on it.  Os Gemeos also brought down the house by doing a DJ set and bringing their Brazilian beats to NYC.


DJ Jazzy Jeff also hit the 1s & 2s and showed the building that he still got it.  For someone who you rarely see on the blogs going out and who has been in the game for 20 years+, he sure is connected with the streets; he played every hit out, mainstream and underground.  I didn’t see one person standing around (not sure if the free Hennessy had something to do with it).  After Jazzy Jeff killed it, Nas came out and destroyed the stage.  The Queens native showed us why he is still in the “who is the greatest rapper” conversation.  No entourage, no bright lights; just him, a DJ, his cup of Hennessy, and one mic was all he needed.

It was a great night and I think I am paying for it now (hungover and tired).  Can you ever go wrong with ART x MUSIC?  I personally don’t think so!

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