Coors Light “Search For The Coldest M.C.”


Coors light brought their “Search For The Coldest M.C.” competition to NYC last night for the final round.  Four MC’s went at it to prove they had what it took to take home the grand prize of $20,000 and a guest feature from Texas legend Bun B.  Hosted by three kings in the hip-hop game, Ice Cube, Bun B, DJ Drama and a closing out performance by G.O.O.D Music own Big Sean; the MC’s had a lot to prove!

The actual event was all the way live!  DJ Trauma had Stage 48 jumping with hits from every time period in Hip-Hop.  Loads of celebrities where in the building, including Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade, Love & Hip-Hop star Tahiry, and Michael Blackson.  The four semi-finalists took the stage and had to compete by first spitting a freestyle, followed by a hot 16, and lastly performing an original song.  All I have to say is NY is definitely a tough crowd to please!  The first two M.C.’s (I don’t remember any of their names except the one who won) got boo’ed off the stage for both their freestyle and hot 16.  The third one (who was crowned winner) Mr. Hyde (from Chicago) owned the stage during his hot 16 and freestyle, his original song almost got him boo’ed too.  Even though he won, you can tell he is going to need a lot more work to get to the top (or even to radio in mainstream markets).  The fourth one was shakey,  the crowd would start to boo him, but he kept going and eventually won them over, but it was not enough.  Man, NY was tough last night!  Even Ice Cube was laughing; heck they even boo’ed Dwayne Wade, lol.

The best part of the night was definitely Bun B, Ice Cube, and Big Sean.  Bun B performed all his originally hits and hits he has been featured on.  He kept it 100% trill and let it be known why he is an OG in the game.  Bun B then made Ice Cube perform a couple of songs and of course he held it down like a West Coast legend should.  He only performed 3 songs (2 his, 1 was NWA) but that more-than satisfied the crowd as they went ballistic!  At the end of the night (and about an hour late) Big Sean came out and hoped around the stage with his massive energy performing his hits.  I knew he was small, but seeing him on the stage was funny because he reminded me of a wild kid at a talent show; he is so small!  But, he has definitely taken notes from his boss Kanye, because he put on a great show and was almost worth the wait (I was too tired to care by the time he came on).

Overall it was a good event, a little longer than expected but I got to see Bun B and Cube perform!  Those are two people I grew up on and it was good to see them rock out on stage.  They didn’t give out unlimited Coors Light (like most alcohol/beer brand events) but I wasn’t really tripping since I am not the biggest fan of Coors.

Welp cheers to the weekend!!!

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