Microsoft LoftOne Launch


Last night, I went to the launch of Microsoft new private residence, LOFT ONE!  A stunning loft in the heart of Chelsea that was filled with all kind of all Microsoft gadgets.  From their new Window phones to their laptops/tablets, the new X-Box that is coming out soon, and other cool gadgets (including a photo booth).  The event was mostly for networking and for letting people get familiar with their new product line.  They had different hors d’oeuvres (provided by Harlem’s Red Roster restaurant) and an open bar.  The loft was stunning, the whole time I was there I was trying to figure out how I could get them to hand over the keys.  DJ sets were by Alan Palomo of Neon Indian and Caroline Polachek of Chairlift.

I haven’t really played with any of the new Microsoft products, but their tablets are very cool!  Since I was new to it, it was confusing at first, but once I got help I really enjoyed it.  I also got to experience the new X-Box and play the new upcoming zombie game “Dead Rising 3” (coming out exclusively on X-Box).  The game is a mix of zombie killing games and Grand Thief Auto, which is cool because even though it is violent it can also be fun and funny!

Overall it was a fun party that served its purpose, because now I want one of those Window tablets (they were seriously cool).  For some reason when I was playing with it, I felt like I was in one of those futuristic movies, it was so new and different.   I also wonder what they are going to do with this loft, because if it is their new work space, I am applying to Microsoft tonight!  How cool would it be to work in a sick loft?  I would never want to leave work (ok that is a stretch lol) ;-).

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