LVL XIII Launch Event


With fashion week around the corner, a lot of brands are slowly starting to have events to get people excited!  Yesterday, I went to the new luxury men’s line “LVL XIII” launch event.  The event, held at AM Studio in Times Square, was hosted by the label’s brand ambassador supermodel Tyson Beckford.  Clique Vodka (a new vodka brand) sponsored the night and “celebrity” mixologist Ariane Davis, of Love & Hip Hop ATL, was also there (what exactly is a celebrity mixologist?).

LVL XIII is a men’s lifestyle brand that recently launched their sneaker line.  The shoes are very trendy, high fashion, and have a hefty price tag ($1,000+).  The shoes are made with different exotic fabrics like fox hair, snake skin, pony hair, kangaroo, medal, studs, and much more (see some pictures below).  Though I can’t see middle America wearing them, I do see more high fashion and flashy people wearing them.  They weren’t really my cup of tea (give me some chucks or toms and I am a happy campier) but I am sure with the backing of Tyson Beckford and other celebrities I will be spotting these shoes at different events.

Though I didn’t stay long enough to see Tyson (kind of a groupie, not ashamed), I did have fun at the event.  The crowd was great and I haven’t been to an event in a while, so it was nice to be back in that environment.

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