Restaurant Review – Guy’s American Kitchen

I believe most people have seen or heard of Guy Fieri, a restaurateur who became popular because of his crazy food ventures shown on Food Network.  He tries all kind of crazy foods around the country and showcases different restaurants known for their not-so-normal foods.  Yesterday, I was invited to a food tasting event at his newest restaurant “Guy’s American Kitchen” in Times Square (it has only been open since Oct 12).  Serving hefty portions of American comfort food with different twist to it.  The atmosphere is fun, it reminds me of a Planet Hollywood or Hard Rock Café.  It is definitely more of a tourist restaurant; not sure I would recommend it to people who really want to get the NY eating experience.  With a tourist restaurant feel to it,  it seemed like the chain restaurants that I mention before, the kind you only find in popular tourist areas.  Which is why Time Square/Theater District is a perfect location for it.


Location: 220 W 44th Street

Type of food: American Comfort Food

Price Range:   $$$ of 5

Atmosphere: ♦♦♦ of 5

What I had:
Food: Sashimi Tacos, Pulled Pork Slyders, Bacon + Chicken Mac n Cheese, Big Bite Burgers, California Egg Rolls
Drinks: Caliente Margarita, Camaro Red Sangria, Wine, Summer Apricot Ale (only served there on tap, not bottled)

What I want to try: Buffalo Bleu-Sabi Wings, Dragon Chili Cheese Fries, Unyawns Cajun Chicken Ciabatta

Overall: The food was pretty good and very heavy!  Since it was a tasting, I only got to eat what was being served; some things were buffet style or were passed around by waiters.  My favorites were the California Egg Rolls ($12.95), Bacon+Chicken Mac n Chees ($18.50), and Sashimi Tacos ($14.50).  All three of these items were very good and pretty tasteful!  The Pulled Pork Slyders and Big Bite Burgers were both okay, nothing fancy or special.  I left completely full and stuffed!  Looking at the menu, the prices are a little steep, but the amount of food you get makes the prices worth it.  You will definitely gain a pound after leaving, the food is very heavy and very comforting.

Overall rating: ♥♥♥ of 5

Visit for more info

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