Converse Rubber Tracks @ Northside with Solange


After a week of bad weather, the sun finally blessed NYC with its presence.  Just in time for the Converse Rubber Track’s “Northside Festival” in Williamsburg.  The two day music festival featured performances from The Walkmen, with special guest Phosphorescent and Converse Rubber Tracks recording artists Friend Roulette and Abadabad on Saturday.  On Sunday, Solange with special guest Petit Noir and Converse Rubber Tracks recording artists Cable and My Midnight Heart.

I only went to the Sunday show and only got to see Solange (got there pretty late).  She definitely rocked the stage!  I really think she is the queen of the hipster BK scene, everyone really LOVED her (including myself).  She performed most of the songs for her latest EP “True”, some of her old stuff, plus a couple of covers (one was Selena’s “I Could Fall In Love”).  I LOVE her music and now I love her even more as a performer!  She had me doing her funky dances and singing along with her the whole time.


The actual festival was pretty dope.  I didn’t experience the whole thing, but from what I did experience it seemed like a good festival.  Red Bull had a tent open for there “Red Bull Creation competition”.  Six teams of inventors were given the theme “signal to noise” on Wednesday and had the next 72 hours to design an interactive musical instrument that fit the theme.  The creations were very interesting and fun to play with!  They also had other booths set up to keep festival goers entertained.

Well cheers to a good festival and many more to come!  Can’t wait until the next one!

Some pictures taken from

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