Harlem’s New It-Spot: MIST Harlem


Harlem has a new it spot and it has everyone buzzing.  As a Brooklyn resident, I rarely make the journey uptown, but when I do it has to be well worth it.  MIST Harlem is well worth the trip!

Located on 116th between Lenox & 5th ave., MIST Harlem is a “living room for the culture of African and Latino Diaspora.”  It has only been open since last Fall and is home of the beautiful restaurant “Harvest”, a bar/lounge, and theatre.  This is Harlem’s new epic-center for all things art!  You can enjoy fine dining and drinks and then watch a play, see a concert, catch a film, listen to spoken word, or be entertain by comedians all in the same venue!

I went there last Thursday for the weekly comedy show.  Every Thursday a new line up of comedians hit the stage from 8:30pm to 11pm (yes they start on time) to entertain an intimate crowd.  Hosted by Marina Franklin (a comedian who has been feature on almost every late night show including Jay Leno), I got to see Aminah Imani, Rodney Laney, Modi, Jermaine Fowler, Naim Lynn, and Mark Viera perform.  All were very funny, touched on EVERY subject, and really rocked the club.  The lineup changes weekly, I’ve heard even Kevin Hart has made an appearance!

MIST Harlem is definitely a cute place to meet friends and hang out!  I suggest you check out the website to view their calendar and to see what the center has going on (click here).  If you check it out, let me know what you think about it!

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