Standard Sounds Music Series w/ Teddy Thompson


Yesterday, I went to The Standard Hotel (East Village) to their Standard Music Series featuring Teddy Thompson.  Thompson has already made a buzz across the pond in his home country, in the UK, with five albums already under his belt.  He comes from a music family; his parents, Richard and Linda Thompson, are both successful musicians and so is his sister, Kamila Thompson.  They all have Wikipedia pages which means you made it in this day and age lol.

Now to be truthful, I hadn’t heard of him until this event.  I figure I would give it a try because the U.K. music scene is really big right now, I mean their’s Adele, Emile Sande, and Rita Ora (just to name a few).  This folk/rock/country artist really sold me on his craft.  His voice was beautiful and his personality was GREAT.  His music reminds me of James Morrison, it doesn’t fit in a particular category and is very versatile.  I could definitely see myself zoning out to his stuff.  The show was also great because he made jokes throughout his whole performance and really interacted with the intimate crowd.  Even before and after the performance, he was mingling with the crowd; you would have ever known he was an established artist.  I loved every bit of his music and performance, he made me a fan.

I would highly suggest you check him out and get his last CD, Bella (or at least listen to it on Spotify). Promise you won’t regret it.  Below is video of one the songs he sung last night and a couple of other of his videos.  The next Standard Sounds Music series features “Terakaft From Mali” and it will be on 3/17 (see flyer & video below).

Thompson performing “The One I Can’t Have” @The Standard

More songs by him:

“In My Arms”

My Fav Song – “Can’t Sing Straight”

More Pics from the night

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pictures taken by my phone 🙂

Terakaft From Mali


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