Restaurant Review – Wildwood BBQ

Wildwood BBQ, located near Union Square, brings the south to NY.  Serving many southern favorites; fried chicken, BBQ, burgers, and even some Mexican (for all you Texans); be prepared to get dirty and leave full.  The kitchen is lead by BBQ extraordinaire Big Lou Elrose. The atmosphere is fun and laid back; more of an after work get drinks, watch the game, and chow down type of place.  I wouldn’t suggest coming here on a first date, but if it is your second or third and you don’t have to be cute any more, it is a great place.  Also it is a great place to meet your friends and laugh over good food.  The staff is great, they have plenty of big screens, and really embraces that southern spirit, while giving it an NY twist.

Photo Feb 11, 3 20 51 PM

Location: 225 Park Ave South

Type of food: American/Southern/Soul

Price Range:   $$$ of 5

Atmosphere: ♦♦♦♦ of 5

What I had:
Food: Jambayla, Spicy Fried Chicken w/ cream spinach & Mash Potatos on the side, Spicy Shrimp Diablo
Drinks: Kentucky Cooler (Jim Brand, Firefly Tea Vodka, White Pweach, Lemonade)

What I want to try: Loaded Nachos & “The Best Of The Best”

Photo Feb 11, 3 23 32 PM
Overall: I had a pleasant time, especially since I came here on a whim, I just meet with a friend after work and she suggested it.  I personally had the jambalaya ($18), which was good, nothing like Louisiana Jambalaya, been then again that is hard to find! My friend had the Spicy Fried Chicken w/ creamed spinach and buttery mashed potatoes ($20); it was SO BOMB.  The spices: chipotle, cayenne, and habanero, all blended so well and made the chicken so wonderful!  I was definitely jealous of her meal!  We also had the Spicy Diablo Shrimp as an appetizer, which is shrimp wrapped in jalapeno and bacon (fat people shit).  Thank god I don’t count calories, because I could of ate 20 of the bad boys!

For my drink I kept it easy and had a “Kentucky Cooler” ($13) which had, Jim Bean, Firefly Tea Vodka, White Peach, Lemonade.  It was very good and strong!  Two of those and I was feeling great!

Overall rating: ♥♥♥♥ of 5

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