La Gringa’s Movie Tent

An old army tent + board games + movies + Mexican food = AN AWESOME TIME!


Which is what I had last night at La Gringa Taqueria.  Every Wednesday from 730-10/1030p, they set up a huge army tent in their outdoor patio and play movies for people to enjoy.  In addition to the movie, they have classic board games like Yahtzee, Connect 4, and Checkers.  Even though it is cold right now, they keep you warm with a real fire burning (yes with real fire wood) and they have fleece blankets at every table.

Photo Jan 31, 9 31 44 PM

The food was okay, I would suggest the quesadilla, guac, & tacos.  They also have beer and margaritas, so you can get buzzed while watching the movie.  You can also bring your own DVD.  Why have a movie night at you place when you can have a movie night at a cool Taqueria?

Another great thing is the prices; it is cheap to eat and free to watch.  Most food items range from 6-9 dollars and most drinks aren’t over $5.  La Gringa is in Williamsburg off the “L” train on Grand.  The address is 800 Grand St, btwn Humboldt and Bushwick Ave; Williamsburg; 718.388.0055.  Check out the website here.

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