Rockie Fresh’s “Electric Highway” Mixtape Listening


Rockie Fresh, a Chi-town native and Maybach Music signee, (“ugghhh” in my best Rick Ross voice) had his “Electric Highway” mixtape listening party last night.  This party was not your typical listening party!


For starters, it was at Sunshine Cinema in LES and it was an actual 3-D movie (glasses and all).  Yep, he gathered a bunch of writers and music execs, put them in a movie theater and played a 3-D listening experience outlining some songs from the 17-track mixtape; genius right?  I thought so too!  The “movie” was pretty dope, some of it was Rockie spitting, some parts were a “Back to the Future” old school car riding around the city, and other scenes were eclectic art displays!  Rockie himself was in the building to introduce the experience and to answer questions at the end, which was a nice humble addition.  The Ciroc boys were in the building as well, serving up the “Electric Highway”, a drink they created in collaboration with the man of the hour.

I have heard of Rockie Fresh before, but never heard his music.  The songs that were played were pretty dope and most had good content.  I do like his sound; it was a lot of auto-tune with substance. One of my favorite tracks from the mixtape was “Nobody” (video below).   The mixtape drops on Monday, 1/21 and is definitely worth the (free) download.  Check out his website for more deets here

The “Electric Highway” experience was a good one.  Very different, out of the box, and unlike any other listening party I’ve been to; they even gave away the mixtape on a cassette tape (talk about #throwbackthursday)!  Check out the trailer for the mix tape below.  Let me know what you think!


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