Restaurant Review – B. Smith

Restaurant Exterior

Restaurant Exterior

Model, author & TV host B. Smith opened her first restaurant in NYC in 1986 (a great year). The restaurant has survived over 25 years in New York; doesn’t that count as a landmark or something? Located in Hell’s Kitchen, blocks away from the Theatre District, this restaurant has become a favorite for Broadway regulars; they offer discounts to certain play attendants. The restaurant is filled with cover photos of the owner (vain maybe?) The atmosphere reminded me of a place I would go to with my parents, simply because it had a mature feel to it. There is a cleansing feeling about the place, even at the bar. I would definitely recommend this place if you are going on a date and you really want to get to know your partner; it isn’t loud and cramp like most NYC restaurants. Since it is in the center of the Theatre District, it is great to go to after a play to discuss the play (the food is kind of heavy so if you go before, you might fall asleep in the play lol). Additionally, the staff is extremely down to earth which makes it easy to spend an evening. You might even see B. Smith there herself, as her and her husband are frequent dinners at the restaurant!



Location: Hell’s Kitchen – 320 West 46th Street

Type of food: American/Soul/Southern

Price Range: $$$ of 5

Atmosphere: ♦♦♦♦ of 5

What I had: 

Food: Swamp Thang and B Smith’s Mac & Cheese

Drinks: House Sangria, B’s Carmel Apple Martini

My next trip: I want to try the “So Slow Roast Buttah Ribs”!

Swamp Thang

Swamp Thang

Overall: I had a great experience, especially since I came here on a whim. I enjoyed what I had. The Mac & Cheese was a tad bit too salty for my taste and kind of expensive ($19). The “Swamp Thang” was great (it is B’s personal recipe), though it sounds kind of gross, it is definitely worth getting. It is sautéed shrimp, scallops and crawfish in a Dijon cream sauce over southern style greens; everything together made for one tasty dish.

The Carmel Apple Martini is a great dessert drink! It was really sweet and strong, just what you need to end a good meal!

Overall rating: ♥♥♥♥ of 5

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