McDonald’s Flavor Battle

Who can spin the best????  McDonald’s is trying to figure out in their 4th annual “Flavor Battle” competition.  Last night I went to kick off party for this national DJ competition.  Held at the McDonald’s in Times Square, the party had free food, free frozen McCafe drinks, and tons industry people!

McDonald’s  has partnered with Complex Media to find the next hottest DJ in the US.  Over the next 13-weeks twenty-four DJ’s from three different regions, Big Mac (West Coast), Double Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese (Central U.S.), and Angus Third Pounder (East Coast) will be competing.  Three finalist, one from each region, will compete in Miami in front of a panel of DJ judges (including DJ Spinderella and DJ Just Blaze) to win a grand prize of $10,000 and the “Flavor Battle” crown.

The party was really good!  VH1 personality Amanda Seales was on the 1’s and 2’s, blogger Necole Bitchie, rapper Bow Wow, and X-Factor breakout star Astro hosted the event.  They had a pretty dope break-dance group perform; it is funny how they annoy me when I see them on the train or in a train station performing, but when I see them perform at an event I get hyped.  They also had free McDonald’s food going around, which made me a happy camper.  I don’t care what you say, everyone cheats and have McDee’s every now and then (yes the chicken nuggets count)!

To check out the different DJ’s and to vote for your favorite go to  I wonder who will take home the crown this year?  I just hope it is someone from the West Coast, just because I live on the East Coast don’t mean the West doesn’t run through my veins!

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