Our Top Vintage Stores

Okay now I know some of you might turn your nose to vintage (or thrift or consignment) shopping (whatever you prefer to call it), but it is the wave of the future.  I love mixing high fashion pieces with something vintage; it gives everything a personal touch and you are less likely to see someone else with the same item.  Every now and then you might see me browsing in a vintage boutique, looking for something that is unique and asking myself “can I rock this?” (my favorite question when shopping).

I decided to let you all know about my favorite NYC vintage/thrift stores.  I know the holiday season is coming up, I don’t know if you want to gift a used item, but hey you might need the extra cash (yes you can sale clothes to some of these stores).  NYC has many vintage stores, especially in lower Manhattan (mainly in East Village and West Village) and in Williamsburg.  Some of them have good items, some are way over price, and some I just stay away from altogether!  These are in no particular order, so hope you enjoy!

Chain Stores

These stores can be found all over NYC, they are all good and you can always find something (or sell something) at them.  Buffalo Exchange has four location.  My favorite ones are the  Chelsea and Williamsburg location.  Buffalo has a pretty hip selection, but not as edgy or retro as most vintage stores.  Beacon’s Closet is another great one, they are little bit more edgier and funky than Buffalo, but I always find something here.  Of course my favorite is the Park Slope store, it is quiet and spacious—I don’t always need the chaos of the city when shopping.  You can also shop on their website and they have a pretty good blog.  One of my favorite LA vintage stores, Crossroads Trading Co, just open a location in Williamsburg.  They are great, they sell high end designer to your everyday t-shirts, great all in one place.  Housing Works has 12 locations throughout NYC and these stores  have everything that all the others have but also carry FURNITURE.  Housing works also randomly does a ‘Buy-A-Bag‘ weekend every now and then; it’s basically a big warehouse in Queens filled with clothes and whatever you stuff in a bag is yours for $25 (yes you read that right).  Not only do you get great clothes buts most of their proceeds go to charities they sponsor; look cute and do a good deed.

‘One Of A Kind’ Stores

‘One Of A Kind’ stores are stores that only have one location.  What Goes Around Comes Around is located in the heart of SoHo (351 West Broadway) and definitely competes with the high end stores in the area.  When you walk in this store you feel like you are in a high end boutique!  They are known for their vintage Chanel selection and other high end designers, please be prepared to spend money in this store.  City Opera Thrift Shop in Gramercy (222 E 23rd Street) is one of my all time favorites!  They are clean, friendly, and for the selection and quality they are pretty cheap!  I dare you come out of City Opera without at least one item.  Ina, has more than one location, but certain stores carry certain items.  They also sale high in items and you can spend a pretty penny in here, but you will walk out feeling like a million dollars!  See locations here, my favorite is the Chelsea one.

‘Not Really A Store’

So I recently found out about these and I wonder what rock I have been under!  Estate Sales are great to go thrifting!  It is basically when they sell all items out of an Estate (most are in Jersey and Long Island) and everything is pretty inexpensive because everything must go.  You can get a lot of classic items at these events (you will see a lot of thrift store owners shopping at these sales for their stores). Click here to find one in your area.  Flea Markets are also great and they are always going on all over NYC (my favorites are Brooklyn and Chelsea ones), CBS has a great list here, CBS’s best NYC Flea Markets.


The Salvation Army is having their annual “Coat Sale” now.  This is where they have all types of coats (furs, high end, leather) for sale and for next to nothing.  It is the first Saturday of every month and it goes until January!  Click here for more info.

Just some quick tips:

  • Be prepared to look for items; some of these places you have to really dig to find treasures.
  • Be prepared to spend a day thrifting; I usually just pick a day to hit up my favorite stores, because you can literally spend two hours just in one store.
  • Don’t go in with expectations; keep an open mind.
  • If you think it is too expensive, don’t buy it, just because it is vintage doesn’t give them the right to charge you an arm and a leg!
  • Williamsburg is the best general area to go to, they have a lot of vintage/consignment/thrift stores.
  • Don’t forget to wash after you buy; just because it looks clean and new, doesn’t mean it is.  REMEMBER it is still a USED item!

Lastly I will leave you with this quote:

“Vintage Clothing is not only glorious and stylish, it’s also the way forward in terms of recycling. Whenever I go into great vintage stores, I wonder why we ever buy new things.” – Thandie Newton

P.S. If I missed your favorite stores, leave me a comment or tweet (@fromLAtoNYC) me the name and I will check it out!  Love find out about new stores!

Also in case you didn’t know – click on any name of the stores to go directly to their website!

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