Dream Chaser: Georgette Pierre

I recently met up with future “Media Mogul” Georgette Pierre at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square.  Georgette has been a friend of mine for about a year in half.  When I first meet her, her energy and spirit was so welcoming and really drew you in, but beyond that I could tell that she was on her way to the top and was not going to let anyone stop her!  She host her own internet radio show (Georgette Pierre Radio on Blog Talk Radio), is an on-air tv host, works at Viacom, is a writer (for MTV’s Rapfix blog and Killer Boombox), and is continually building her empire!

She is actually one of the reason I decided to start this blog, so when thinking of who I wanted to interview first, she immediately came to mind!  I am pretty sure by the end of reading this, you will be just as inspired as I was while interviewing her!

So tell the readers what you do?  What is your mini-bio?

I inspire others to live out their dreams.  But on the technical aspect I am an on-air radio/tv host, writer.  I am a media mogul in the making and I am a bad ass when I want to be!

Where are you from and what has brought you to NYC?

I grew up in Northern Virginia by way of Trinidad and Tobago.  What brought me to New York is a really interesting story because it wasn’t a straight path.  I went to school in Virginia for undergrad, and then moved to Boston for grad school.  When I finally buckled down and found out what I wanted to do, I knew it had to be done in New York.  So 2 yrs ago, I said I was coming to New York, didn’t know how I would get there, but I knew I had to get there.  So I’ve been here for two years pursuing my dreams.

What were your goals when you came to NYC?  Have they changed since moving here?

OH MY GOSH, when I came to New York, I knew I was going to come in and be an on-air host at a top radio station (New York happens to be the number one radio station market, which didn’t bother her at all).  But the reality check hit me and I realized I had to become more humble.  So the goals were too just get on and work at some radio station, doing what I wanted to do.  But lets just rewind, I had already started my own internet radio show back in 2009.  I really didn’t see where I was going with that, so I kind of kept that along the ranks as part of my goals when I came to NY.

I am not going to say my goals have changed or that I scale back, just became a little bit more flexible.   So instead of just coming in and going full speed ahead, I thought okay well just push your own radio show and start creating your own content while simultaneously getting in the door with a media company, so you can meet more people.   I was scared of pushing Georgette Pierre as an on-air radio host, but I learned it was time to re-brand and let people see who the real Georgette Pierre was.

What steps have you taken to make these goals come to life?

It first started with a vision board in 2009, when I had to move back to my mom’s house (which she wasn’t too fond of).  But the vision board that I created at my mom’s house, which was a humbling time, has actually been rewarding since moving to NY because I have continually added to it.  It started with my vision board, which allowed me to focus on what I really wanted to do and put my energy into it.  So for example, one of my small goals was to get in the building with Viacom and MTV.  Viacom is still on my vision board today (though she currently works there).  I knew I had to go on as many informational interviews as possible, so I started doing that.  I also started tempting in between, but not giving up on what it is I wanted to do.  So the “vision board” and just having some type of vision of what I wanted to pursue allowed me to continue, even though I kind of had to tweak my steps along the way.  Nothing again is a straight shot, but then again it doesn’t have to be curvy along the way.

What are some highlights you’ve had while trying to accomplish your goals?

{laughs} Let’s talk about some highlights.  The highlights have been just the feedback that I have been receiving.  Whether it be interviews or being tap into a new creative team for a new blog that launches, to being able to meet new people who I thought I would never be able to get close to or meet.   Just meeting people along the way that I have affected and people who can relate to the content that I find important; people not necessarily agreeing with it, but just wanting to know more.  Just a lot of the feedback and support I’ve been receiving!  Also just the growth process of having certain things in NY being in my backyard, being able to feel courageous and fearless, if anything that has been the highlights for me. Learning humility, not being afraid and going for what I want, and New York has helped me shape that.  Lastly (a big one) reaching almost 20,000 listens on my radio show and I’ve only been doing my show for almost 3-years.

How do you relax and take your mind off everything in this busy city? What is your get-a-way in NYC from NYC?

(laughs) That’s so funny because I actually have that, I thought I was the only one that had that.  It used to be when I would dog sit at my friend’s apartment; she lives in Upper Harlem/Washington Heights.  Her apartment is much more peaceful than mine because I live in Upper Westside.  But the other place would be Union Square.  I would kind of just take walks, and just come here and people watch.  People watching allows me to get away and take in what I am kind of experiencing right now.   I also had a friend that lived in a penthouse, OH that was my third get-a-way, because you couldn’t tell me nothing when I was in that penthouse (she says with a big smile).  Lastly, going unnoticed and not really telling anyone where I am.

Best places you have found to network?

Online, Twitter has actually been a great place to network.  I’ve actually just chopped it up with some people randomly on twitter.  Various industry events (sounds unsure) I would have to put that at 2nd; because a lot of that stuff is so superficial and subjective, but if you can get in there or when you get in, you can definitely meet some amazing people.  But I think Twitter has been a great place, especially if you aren’t afraid to talk and reach out, I think you can be on to something.

Do you plan on staying in NYC? What do you want your legacy in NYC to be when you leave?

When I first moved to NYC I couldn’t stand it, but I now know it has to be my foundation.  I don’t know how long I plan on staying in New York, I know bi-coastal is a situation I am going to pursue, but I know New York definitely has to be the foundation.  I’ve played around in LA a couple of times, but New York was always calling me back.  I am going to give NY as long as she will take me and as long as I can put up with her.

I would want my legacy to be someone who was honest and really passionate about what I did and instilling that passion in others for pursuing what they want to do.  Somebody that was really REALLY fearless in the pursuit of her goals and of her dreams.  Let that be the fire to ignite others that may be here pursuing their dreams.  Lastly, someone that knew that despite what others thought and what we had been use to outside the societal norm, I still found ways to break past that and make non-believers into believers, in all aspects of life.

Has there every been a time when you wanted to give up and how did you keep on?

YES YES AND YES!  Oh man I was waiting for this question.  I won’t ever forget when I was really hardcore into twitter and reading it every day like it was my online newspaper!  I remember following Phonte, from The Foreign Exchange, and he sent a tweet that said: if you have never felt like quitting every day, then you are not working hard enough.  I just remember, even a few months ago just wanting to move back home because these thoughts kept circulating in my mind, more than I wanted them too.  I questioned whether I was going to be able to do it, whether I was going to be able to stand the test of time in NY.  So yeah, HELL YEAH, I wanted to give up; that would have been the easiest thing to do.  But since I consider myself to be a manifester, I am very contiguous on a lot of things; as quickly as I thought about giving up was as quickly as I stop thinking about giving up.  I knew that if I left New York, the entry to get into New York is so high, there was a chance I wouldn’t be able to get back in.  Me leaving New York wasn’t even a question anymore.   My internet radio show, to writing for a new website (Killerboombox.com), to getting hired at Viacom, to now writing for MTV’s Rapfix blog, these were little things that I was accomplishing that just solidified why I had to stay in New York and why giving up is no longer an option.  I always had this thing, the moment I give up I would see the doors open up; you never know how close you are to your dreams until the moment you give up.  So yes, I had moments when I would cry myself to sleep and I would wake up with tears, cry while walking to work (before Viacom), but I just had to let it go; because I was crying didn’t mean I had to give up.  I want my dreams just as much as they want me, and that’s enough for me to say “keep going Georgette!”

What advice would you give anyone who is moving to NYC to pursue a dream?

Whether it be NY or another city, do not allow anyone to belittle your dreams, don’t allow anyone to project their fears into you, and don’t take no for an answer.  You’re going to hear a lot of no’s before you hear a yes; it’s all about your perspective and how you choose to respond to it.  Leave the words “I can’t” & “I don’t know” out of your vocabulary.  You can do anything you want to do, it’s a matter of choice.  Lastly humble yourself, NY can be brutal at times, but she breaks you down to build you back up and a lot of people don’t stay in NY long enough to be built back up.  I would say I have become a lot more resilient because I allow myself to be non-resistant to changes.  You have to evolve, you have to grow, don’t sell yourself short on allowing those things to happen to you.  Respond with LOVE not FEAR!

You can contact Georgette Pierre at her one-stop website (links to her radio show and social media is all here)Georgettepierre.com

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