Introducing “Dream Chasers”

Hello readers,

So in my journey of becoming whatever I came here to become, I have meet a lot of interesting people!  People who have moved to NYC in search of a dream, some had a clear vision of this dream and others (like me) dreams were still blurry, but knew NYC was a part of it.  I have decided to start highlighting these people on my blog, partially because I am nosy and want to know their story, but mostly because I figure it might inspire some of you to do the same thing!

In short, once a month I will feature a new person who I believe is a “Dream Chasers”.  What exactly is a dream chaser you ask  — well I believe it is someone who is working towards a goal that they have set for themselves.  Now that is pretty broad answer, so to be specific, FromLAtoNYC’s “Dream Chasers” will be people who are in NY pursuing something that the average person might not have the courage to do.  Now coming from a big city and only living in big cities, most of these career paths seem normal to me (actors, artist, designers, etc).  But when you think from a middle American point of view, then these are what people call “out of the box” careers and you will commonly hear people say: “s/he is trying to pursue a dream” which they usually don’t think is a “practical”.

So if you know anyone who came here to pursue a dream, or maybe someone who is from here pursuing a dream, let me know and they might make it up here!  🙂

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