Bombay Sapphire “Artisan Series” NYC

On Thursday, I went to the Bombay Sapphire “Artisan Series” NYC showing.  The series is a nationwide art competition that Bombay Sapphire and Rush Philanthropic Art Foundation (ran by the Russell Simmons and his brother Danny Simmons).  The series has already hit other major cities and stop by NYC before Miss Sandy did.  It was held at the Rush Gallery in Chelsea.

I had a lot of fun!  The venue was turned into a mosaic of different artwork from various artist with different styles.  Almost every type of visual art is represented in this competition, and the NYC showcase did a good job of showing that.  The series winners will win a chance to show their work at the SCOPE Art Show during Art Basel Miami and compete for an exhibition at Rush Arts Gallery in New York City.

I didn’t vote for any, but I did have a couple of favorites.  One was by James “DrZ” Zdaniewski and the other was by Carl Gabriel.  Gabriel had this piece called “Beautiful People”;  it was a picture of a face that was created by a collage of little pictures (I hope I explained that right).  I have ALWAYS wanted a picture like that.  I want the small pictures to be of my family and friends and the big picture (that the small pictures are creating) to be me.  It will represent that my family and friends make me (I can be so deep at times)!

Carlos Gabriel “Beautiful People”:

Over all I had a great time!  The contest is still going on and you can view all the finalist pieces and vote online here -> up until November 7th.  Until next event xoxo..




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