Samsung Galaxy Note II World Tour w/ Kanye West

After the EKOCYCLE™ EVENT, I walked  down a couple of blocks to the Samsung Galaxy Note II World Tour.  This event was HUGE!  When I walked up the line was ridiculous, I almost turned around and left until I saw a friend at the front of the line!  I mean with Kanye performing why wouldn’t the line be HUGE!

Samsung had a launch party for their new Samsung Galaxy Note II, the smartphone-tablet that does everything!  They had multiple stations set up to showcase the phone’s talents.  One station let you design a t-shirt from the phone, and actually take it home (talk about cool).  The event also showcased the new Samsung Galaxy Smart Camera.  When I tell you this camera is amazing, it is like BEYOND AMAZING.  It is basically a 16mp camera with a built in tablet, yes you read right!  It looks like a small SLR camera, but the screen is a full touch-screen.  You have access to all the apps that a regular tablet has, so you can download games, put your email on it, and everything else you want to do.  You can take professional quality pictures and play games at the same time!  Now instead of transferring your pictures from your camera to your phone to put on Instagram, you can do it all on your camera!  They didn’t say when this fancy camera is coming out, but when it does, I will be first in line!

After playing with the Galaxy Note II, Galaxy “Smart” Camera and taking advantage of the open bar, it was time to see Yeezy.  He made us wait, but he put on a show!  He spent at least 30 minutes on stage performing all his hits from all his albums!  He is such a fantastic performer; every time I see him it is epic!  He might be cocky and sometimes obnoxious, but he is incredibly talented.  He also brought out my favorite ratchet artist, 2-Chainz to perform “Birthday Song” and the crowd went crazy (or maybe I just did).

Over all it was great event!  Samsung is really coming for Apple’s thrown (even after the law suit)!  Their products just keep getting better and better!  A birdy told me that early press actually got the phone, and since I was late I missed out (still kicking myself)!  Anyway be on the lookout for new Samsung products, I am sure you will love them!


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