EKOCYCLE™ Brand Launch Party w/ Will.I.Am

What a night what a night! Yesterday I started my night at the launch party for EKOCYCLE™.  Like most of you, I thought it was a launch for a new eco-friendly bicycle (just me?).  Well I was wrong; don’t judge because I know you were thinking the same thing.

EKOCYCLE™ is actually a brand that Will.I.Am and Coca-Cola are launching together.  It is a brand that “was created to educate consumers about everyday recycling choices and empower their purchasing decisions as part of a social change movement”.  They’ve enlisted companies like Beats by Dr. Dre® and New Era® partnering with them.  They use recyclable products to create valuable lifestyle products.

Their green carpet (well it was actually real grass) was filled with stars, including Krysten Ritter from “Don’t Trust The B**** in Apt 23”.  (Too many uses of the word “actually”) The party was very fun!  Will.I.Am walked around and mingled with the crowd.  In fact, the majority of the “VIP” guests seemed very unpretentious and socialized with everyone.  The event featured  a lot of cool art pieces (that promote an eco-friendly environment) around the place, which gave the venue a great feel.  They also had a fun photo booth!

Overall it was great event!  I love that everyone was together and that you actually got to speak to Will; you can tell he was very passionate about his new company/brand.  It is such a great company!  I am a huge believer in recycling, I mean I am from California (well besides the smog we are green friendly), so I will definitely be looking out for this brand when it hit stores.



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