Import/Export Sound Art Clash

After The Fader/Converse event, I headed to Alphabet City to another CMJ event.  This event was a showcase for different artist through out the world.  They had around 1o different artist/groups performing (I only got to see four) and they came all over to celebrate CMJ week and to share their sound with America.

All the artist I saw were completely different.  One was a hip hop/rock band from SouthEast Asia called Project E.A.R. (East Asian Revolution), Miz Metro a singer from Manhattan with a beautiful soulful voice who sung over various beats (she said her music is inspired by her travels and she loves to incorporate the sounds across the world in it), the other was a hip-hopper from Israel name Onili, last was a hip-hop artist name Teff Mayweather from Barbados.  The only thing these four groups had in common, was their passion for their music.

I also ran into the beautiful Bajan singer Shontelle, she had the hit “Impossible” a few years back and has wrote a lot of hits for big name artist including Rihanna.    She was such a nice lady and was there to support one of her fellow Bajan artist, Teff Mayweather, who had his musical debut at this event.   I would give a favorite, but they were all so different!  Do I go with the soulful sounds Miz, the hardcore sound that Project E.A.R. brought, the smooth flows that Teff spit, or the fun free music Onili brought.  I mean I guess it all depends on my mood, so I can not just pick one.

I thought after seeing an artist like Miguel performer, early in the night, nothing could compare, but these artist really brought it with them.  I am glad I got to go, I can also use new international music on my playlist (makes me look cultured LOL)!  Well until next event xoxo…


Project E.A.R., Teff Mayweather, Onili, Miz Metro

More Pic:

2 Responses to “Import/Export Sound Art Clash”
  1. Syaheed says:

    And you caught the tail end of KEVIN LESTER too! He’s there in the first few pictures…

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