Courvoisier Gold Celebrates Gabrielle Union’s Birthday

Pass the Courvoisier…. That’s what about 200  people including myself, were saying last night, while celebrating the beautiful Gabrielle Union’s birthday!  With Courvoisier Gold providing drinks, food by Chef Robles, & a lot of star power in the building; this was definitely a fabulous evening.

The party was filled with industry people and was more of a place to be scene.  Held at The Dream Hotel in Chelsea, on their rooftop bar, most people were there to socialize.  It almost seemed like an after work happy hour!  Well more of a guest list only happy hour with an open Courvoisier bar and hors d’ourves (which were excellent) provided by Chef Roblé.

Gabrielle Union came in and took the show away, since she was the lady of the hour.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to have an alcohol company sponsor your birthday?  All you have to do is show up for an hour, take a couple of pictures and mingle with the crowd (plus you are probably getting paid for the party).  Oh the life of the famous, sometimes looking in it their life can seem so easy.

Over all it was a good time, mingling with different people over drinks and hors d’ourves.  Maybe next year Boone’s Farm will sponsor my party (LOL sounds like a good ratchet time to me)!

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