Nylon + Aloft Hotel CMJ Celebration Party

Well this week the NYC music scene is going crazy (and not just because Brandy just dropped her new album “Two Eleven”, which you all should get because it’s GREAT)!  I’ve been getting invites to events with CMJ in the title.  I had never heard of this before and immediately became interested.  I learned that CMJ stands for College Music Journal, and it is basically a music week in NYC where many up-&-coming artists perform at various parties throughout the week.

I went to the Nylon + Aloft Hotel party, at the Aloft Hotel in Brooklyn, celebrating CMJ week.  It was on the rooftop deck, which was fun! The bit of fall chill in the air was not an issue once you got a couple of their signature cocktails in your system, you didn’t mind it at all.  The music was great and DJ Hits was spinning. A ton of people were at this swanky event.

I might be stereotyping with this statement, but I would say most of the attendees at the event were in the fashion world!  NYC in the fall brings out the best (dressing wise) in most residents, and this party was no let down.  Well I am actually really fashionably disappointed at a NYC event!  I also got to meet Zachary James, of the Zachary James Band, and Alexandra, lead singer of Alexandra & The Starlight Band (both featured in “Fashion A Listers” below).

Since I got there pretty late, I am not sure if there was a performance or not.  But I didn’t hear of anything scheduled, so probably not.  I still had a great time and hey I got a free magazine out of it J!

Until next event xoxo…


More Pictures:

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