Disney/ABC TV Group Diversity Talent Showcase

Tonight I went a very interesting event.  I went to the Disney/ABC group’s Annual Diversity Talent Showcase.  I have never been to a talent showcase and had no clue what to expect. This show case is in its 11th year and had 12 actors showcasing their talents.

Held at the New World Stage in Hells Kitchen, about 100 people (most seemed to be in the entertainment field) gathered to see these young actors performed.  There was 6 small skits, all had at least two actors (one had three). The actors included Kalie Torres (has played on ‘The Big C’), Mario Pereira-Bailey (has played on ‘Star Trek: Phase II), Daniella Pined (has played on Showtime’s ‘Homeland’), Davi Santos ( guest starred on ‘Apt 23’), Ami Smith (had played on ‘One Life To Live’), Shivantha Wijesinha (has played in the web series ‘Is Anyone Listening’), Adam Alexander Hamilton (has played in the play “Our Town’), Caitlin Mchugh (has played in Fx’s ‘Rescue Me’), Brandhyze Stanley (also has played in ‘One Life To Live’), Andrew Law (who wrote one of the skits and has played in ’30 Rock’), Michaela Waters (has played on CBS’s ‘The Good Wife’), and Johnny Ramey (has played in the film ‘A Happy Ending’).  These 12 actors beat out 7,500 other candidates and most are apart of SAG-AFTRA.  The actors were also from all over the world, a couple were from Cali :-).

This showcase is a pretty big deal, most of the audience was executives, casting agents, and decision makers.  Past participants include Jessie Williams of “Grey’s Anatomy” and Carrie Ann Inaba judge of “Dancing With The Stars”.  All the skits were great, most were funny, and directed by Ted Sluberski and Joe Ward.  My favorite was called “Peer Review” w/ Michaela Waters, Johnny Ramey, & Adam Alexander Hamilton.  The actors were funny and the scenario of the scene was historical!  After all the skits, they had a cocktail reception were everyone was able mingle (including the actors, directors, and writers).

I had a lot of fun at this event.  I am glad I kept an open mind and decided to go!  I didn’t have my professional camera (as most of the event were skits and I was not suppose to take pictures) so I snuck pictures on my phone, just for you all!!!!  Good luck to all the actors on the stage.  I hope to be watching TV one day and say hey I saw that person at the showcase! Until next event xoxo…

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  1. Davi santos says:

    The name is Davi Santos.

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