Andre Trenier Art Show ~ “I Still Love Her”

So on Friday night (sorry I’m just now posting this, busy weekend) I went to a chill event put on by LRG Clothing and 1800 Coconut Tequila.  It was the opening reception for Andre Trenier art show “I Still Love Her”.

The Tribeca loft was packed with eager people who wanted to see Trenier artwork.  His artwork was very realistic and artistic, his paintings are very beautiful, there is a sense of commitment to each piece.  My favorite was a portrait of a lady with her skin a cosmic color, it was breathtaking! I have always wanted to be an artist inspiration, so when I go to these types of events I am usually looking for that artist (no I didn’t find anyone lol).

The gathering was very chill and fun.  The music was great, they had soul food going around, ice cream provided by “Mikey Likes It Ice Cream”, and of course drinks by 1800 tequila coconut.  I don’t think I have ever had a flavored tequila before (not sure if the different color Patrons are count), but this one was pretty decent.  Coconut margaritas anyone???

I would definitely suggest checking out Trenier work!  He is a great artist and I’m sure you will find something you will like it!

Wells that’s all I wrote! Til next event….

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    Left me for dead

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