Presidential Debate Watch Party

Last night I went to a 2012 Presidential Debate Party (insert blank stare).  If you know me then you know I’m not interested in politics, I actually despise them, my favorite quote about politics is “They lie and we accept it” (by me of course lol).  But that is neither here nor there; the point is I went, and actually had fun!

I never like to make an uneducated decision.  I like to vote on what I personally believe in, so I like to educate myself on all things that I stand for (including the President).  So I actually wanted to hear the debate and see what each candidate was trying to sell to America.  Now I won’t go into whom I think won, or who I thought lied better, but I will say the event, and the debate, was interesting.

A lot of people were packed in to the Crimson hotel, to watch the President and his competitor go at it.  It was standing room only and uncomfortably hot.  The event was put on by JI Group, YP4C, the National Alumnae Association of Spelman College, New York Chapter, and the Morehouse Manhattan Alumni Association.  CNN correspondent Roland Martin spoke about the importance of voting.  NYC’s first black Governor, Govt. David Patterson, also spoke (he was actually very funny).  One of my favorite quotes by him was “if you want to live like a Republican vote Democrats”.  When the debate began, I quickly learned it would be hard to pay attention.  Between the commentary from the crowd, the networking, and the lack of TV screens (there were only three television screens in this huge two story venue), you really had to either be good at toning people out or know what to listen for.  Though very crowded, having that many people in attendance, was a good thing, because if you missed something or didn’t understand something (that would be me) you could turn to your neighbor and ask “what was just said?” This started a lot if conversations and was a great ice breaker!

Overall it was a very successful event and organized very well.  If you are not registered to vote make sure to do so soon, deadlines are approaching (its different for every state).  Go to, ,to find out where you can register.  Also make sure when you are voting educate yourself on what you are voting for, don’t just go by what your friends or family say; YOU HAVE YOUR OWN VOICE SO USE IT!!!!!

See you later vot-a-gators (corny I know 🙂 )!!!!!

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