Eric Haze + G-Shock

So on Friday night, I had a great night… I heard that G-Shock was having another event and I had so much fun at the last one (see here), that I knew I could not miss this one!

This event was a “retrospective” exhibition to showcase G-Shock’s 4th collaboration with graffiti artist and designer Eric Haze. The exhibition showcased jewelry, furniture, toys, clothes, shoes, baseball hats, paintings, portraits, and of course custom made G-Shocks, all designed by Haze. They had popular DJs Stretch Armstrong, DJ Scratch, and Just Blaze spinning a variety of old school and new school hits (ranging from hip-hop to rock) and drinks were provided by Heineken.

Eric Haze pieces were sick, kind of cocky (everything had Haze on it), but still DOPE. Now I am not going to lie, I never really heard of Eric Haze before and definitely didn’t know what he did (thank God for Google), but I can tell by this event he has a huge following. A lot of other artist were in the building and it was definitely inspiring to see so much creativity in the room. As I have stated before one of my favorite things about these events is fashion watching! I love to see what people are wearing and learning about local underground designers. This was the perfect event for it, there was a lot of creativity in the room!

Overall it was a very chill event, just what I needed to start this weekend off. Hope you all had a good weekend!

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