Re:Mix Lab Fueled by Hyundai

Though the summer is over and it is officially fall, the events have not stopped.  Last night I headed over to Chelsea Markets for an event that was for all!  With live music, free drinks, dope art, and cool cars; I don’t think anyone was dissatisfied.

Hyundai changed Chelsea Market into the Re:Mix lab!  The event showcased three custom built state of the art cars, which weren’t too bad looking.  They had various small stations,  from action figures to shoes, set up that displayed a variety of art.  They also had three bands perform; The Opossoms, the Blond’s, and The Skaters.  They had various small activities including an interactive screen that allowed you to “spray paint” cars.  Lastly they gave one lucky contestant a new car!!!!

With drinks provided by 42 Below Vodka, this was really a happening party.  The crowd was great and it wasn’t too packed, just enough people to get around and mingle without feeling like you’re in a stuffed box.  Everyone got to interact with all the activities and didn’t have to wait very long.  A very chill, yet fun way to end a busy Thursday (well at least mine was busy).

I wonder who won the Hyundai sports car? Whoever it was is a one lucky bastard lol!  Wouldn’t that be cool to say you won a car? We can all dream!  The Re:Mix Lab is open until Sunday, and will be traveling to different cities, Vegas than LA is next J … Get more info here.  Well until next event…

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