‘Art Of Design’ by EFFEN® Vodka

EFFEN® Vodka has re-introduced itself to the world by re-introducing themselves to bloggers & social media personalities in NYC. Last night, they held an event called “Art of Design” at the Empire Hotel rooftop bar and it exceeded all expectations!

Now, we all know that I’m a vodka person and I pretty much can drink them all (except the cheap stuff.  Does Svedka count? If so, then I drink the cheap stuff too. LOL). So when I saw this event I knew I had to be there, not only for the drinks, but because I’d never had EFFEN® before. Their bottle, sleek and simple, is something I’d see but would always overlook in the store. I’ve had it before at clubs but don’t really remember it, maybe I was too tipsy. I knew it would be good for me to the Art of Design event so I could get a feel (or you can say ‘fill’) of this vodka.

The event was really fun! They had different mixologists competing on the best drinks. Some of them really brought out the flavor of EFFEN®. They also had a competition for up and coming NYC designers; (though I didn’t really get all of their names) these designers were really dope! I especially liked the “Shake” & “Stir” paintings (I hope the artist is reading this and will leave a comment, lol)! All attendees got to vote for favorite cocktails and designs (I loved the Yellow Team)!

In all, this was an AWESOME event and it made me add another vodka to my “go to drink”, vodka & cran (simple I know, but gets the job done). I highly suggest you put down the other vodkas and give this one an EFFEN® chance!

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