Fou-Dré Vodka Launch Party

Drinks drinks and MORE DRINKS!!! Last night Fou-Dré Vodka had their launch party, at the 320 Studios in Times Square.  Now I never heard of Fou-Dré before, but this introduction was a pretty good one.   Good music, drinks and an ice sculpture that poured shots; what more could you ask for!

Fou-Dré (which stands for lightning in French) is an American made vodka brand. It was created in 2009 by Chanel Turner, the first African American woman to be the owner of a vodka brand and she is only 29 (talk about making moves). It goes down very smoothly and can be complimented by a variety of mixers.  The bottle (which looks like an award or trophy) is uniquely made out of recycled glass and is shaped like a lightning bolt (a purple lightning bolt). This bottle will definitely look nice sitting next to your other top-shelves alcohol; it is one of those “oh you fancy!” bottles.

The party was packed with a lot of people, including Carla Facciolo of VH1’s ‘Mob Wives’ and r&b recording star Teairra Mari.  The DJ played mostly 90’s & early 2000’s hip-hop & R&B, which had the party really jumping (I LOVE that era of music).  What really made the party was the center piece ice sculpture of the bottle.  An ice sculpture that allows you to pour shots, is pure genius!  I was in alcohol heaven.

It was a good event and I was glad to see young people of color doing big things. I would encourage everyone to buy this vodka, even if it is just for the bottle!  Another small note I did not wake up with a headache this morning, which means this 80% proof vodka is the real deal!  Check it out loves!

One Response to “Fou-Dré Vodka Launch Party”
  1. Esta Fiesta says:

    Had a blast at this party and it was great to meet you there! PS your pics look AMAZING!

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