The Do-Over Comes Back to BK

Summer is almost over and fall is now upon us.  So the Do-Over decided to make its way back to BK and have one more found of outdoor fun. If you remember the Do Over was here in May to kick off the summer, see here.  This time, they took over The Well in Bushwick, and the place was packed!  There were at least 750 people in attendance.

I had a lot of fun, so much fun that I really didn’t take a lot of pictures (I’m slacking, I know).  It was such a cool Sunday-funday, day party.  Does anyone know the significance of the Do-Over?  Like, how did this party get so big that it is international? Is it literally just a party that travels?

Overall, I had a good time, I had a little more fun at the one during the beginning of summer … I think this was due to less people (this one was very packed).

Can’t wait to ‘Do-It-Over’ next year!


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